Friday, June 24, 2011

Ashes from Yesterday's Revival

"O Lord, I have heard the report of you, and your work, O Lord do I fear. In the midst of the years revive it; in the midst of the years make it known; in wrath remember mercy."

Habakkuk 3:2

We don't expect revival nowadays. We love to talk about it, yes; we sing about it, we are interested in it, but we do not long for it. We do not labor for it in prayer. We live in the ashes of yesterdays revival. That's the truth whether we like it or not. Think of a church you personally know, which is having a revival. Can you name it? If yes, praise God.

We go to church, and we expect to get out of it before lunch. We don't expect revival to happen. We don't wait on God anymore. Waiting is no longer applicable in our busy schedules for we all have other things to do. So we improvise waiting upon the Lord with different kinds of program that will trigger emotion and send thrills within us, and so create a substitute for the fire of God.

Revival is a sovereign act of God in view of His mercy. It is not produced by human means. When genuine revival breaks out, all the conventional program of man will be overthrown. No flesh will be able to glory in God's presence (I Corinthians 1:29). It will all be pointed to God, all glory directed straight to Him.

We don't expect revival. Yes we want it, but if we don't get it its okay, because we have a bunch of substitute for it. If one day, the Lord will remove His Holy Spirit in the churches today, it will function just the same, and few will notice the Spirit's absence. And if it will be noticed, the question is will they be grieved for it? Will they weep and wrestle in prayer to get it back? Will they long for the fire of the Holy Spirit to return?

We have lost the fire. Some might say "Oh no! We're doing just fine!" That's what you think. If that's true, why is there such carnality in the church? Why are they so concerned about prosperity and wealth instead of holiness and righteousness? Why are they so intoxicated with the things that will fulfill their carnal appetite using the Word of God to justify their deeds?

We need revival. Yes. We need the fire of the Holy Ghost again. And I'm not talking about a bunch of congregation jumping up and down while singing then go home and they call it revival. No. I'm talking about something so much beyond that. I'm talking about a group of people who are sensitive about their sin and iniquities that they decided to humble themselves and seek the Lord in holiness and righteousness no matter what the cost. They are a people committed to the cause of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These group of people will have a passion to glorify God and no other, and their passion has utterly consumed them that it becomes so contagious that it will spread like wildfire, until no one is left unaffected by it.

God, we need revival...

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